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Don’t let the Spring thaw create disturbing leaks in your masonry!

Artistic Stoneworks offers a variety of masonry restoration services for your home in order to add life and freshness to your outdoor retreat. New England residents suffer many masonry challenges as a result of our harsh winters. From the expanding and retracting impact on a foundation from extreme temperatures to the wear and tear caused by the effects of ice and salt – many residents find their patios in need of some masonry TLC.
From residential masonry projects to minor masonry repair to cracked mortar joints, we understand that some repairs may be urgent. We have the ability to tackle extensive masonry repair work that our competitors may avoid.

Preserve Your Home’s Cosmetic Appeal

Are you already noticing a problem of efflorescence on masonry surfaces? A white powdery film or dusty residue seems to show up on all such surfaces around the inside or outside of the house. This white powdery residue is actually a water-soluble alkaline salt that is leaching out of the masonry. Rainy fall seasons followed by heavy snowfall will inevitably cause this conundrum.

Return Structural Stability

If your properties masonry has suffered damage that could hamper its structural stability, such as cracks, bulging, leaning, or crumbling mortar – masonry restoration is necessary to keep it structurally sound. Professional masonry restoration specialists can replace cracked bricks with matching bricks of the same color, bulging and leaning walls can be righted, and crumbling masonry may be repointed with mortar of the same color.

Masonry Professionals Are the Solution

Our experienced team services Boston and surrounding communities. We are able to assess the source of your leak(s) and are capable of generating a course of action to solve them.  Whether it’s rebuilding a leaning parapet wall, removing a corroded lintel, replacing bulging brick or tuckpointing crumbling mortar Artistic Stoneworks is here for all of your masonry restoration needs.

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