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Inspect Your Patio to See if Winter Left Her Mark

Warmer temperatures are coming upon us so we thought we would offer you these DIY suggestions to prepare your patio for Spring. The snow and ice are melting and you will want to inspect your patio for any broken pavers or stones, cracked concrete, unevenness, swelling, or joints that might need some refilling. If your patio is constructed of stones or pavers, fixing them is a cinch. They are individual pieces, so removing and repairing does not require complete patio renovation.

Recommendation for DIY: Wet the polymetric sand around the stone or paver that needs repair to soften it. Then use a screwdriver or putty knife to dig through the polymeric sand and remove the stone or paver. Sprinkle some stone dust or concrete sand in the void and tamp down, replace with a new stone or paver and refill the joint with polymeric sand.

Spring Cleaning on Your Porch or Patio

Upon completion of your repairs, you will want to give your porch or patio a good spring cleaning. Several landscape supply companies offer quality stone and paver detergents to tackle that stubborn residue of salt, dirt, or moss that was left behind by mother nature.

Suggestion: Wet your patio and use a diluted mixture of water and detergent with a stiff bristled broom to scrub the stones or pavers and rinse. For more stubborn areas use a pressure washer with a gentle setting.

Might Be Time to Seal Your Porch or Patio?

Maybe this is the year you are considering sealing your porch or patio? If you are considering sealing your porch or patio, Spring is a perfect time. Applying sealer to freshly cleaned and dry pavers will ensure a better bond between the sealant and the surface of the stone. Check out these breathable sealers that will help protect your patio from dirt and minor staining.

Suggestion: Pavers usually need to be re-sealed every 3-5 years. If you are re-sealing it is important to use the same sealer as originally applied. Different sealers have different formulations and it is critical that the new coat dissolve the original coat in order to bond together properly. If you apply a different sealer you may not get this bond or worse you may have a chemical reaction that could turn the sealant milky. If you are unsure of the sealer previously used it is best to do a small test patch in an obscure area to see how the sealers will react.

Set Your Patio for Some Backyard Entertainment

When the sun and heat start to linger, so should you! Installing a fire pit is an easy way to warm up those brisk spring evenings. Surround your fire pit with outdoor furniture to create a gathering spot that everyone will enjoy! Artistic Stoneworks can construct that cozy fire-pit and surrounding seating to create just the right weekend get-a-way for you, your friends, and family!

Suggestion: Check out our LOOKBOOK for some backyard retreat ideas.

Freshen Up the Landscape Around Your Hardscape

A patio isn’t complete without colorful plants and vegetation! Unsightly weeds seem to survive the harsh climates more than those fresh plants from the previous summer season. It is vitally important to get rid of unsightly weeds and remove dead branches from shrubs and trees to make room for new growth. A combination of water, vinegar, and dish detergent makes for an environmentally sound weed killer.

Suggestion:  If you’re really looking to spruce things up CALL Artistic Stoneworks at (781) 307-8916 for a FREE landscape/hardscape consultation and discover how to enhance your garden beds with a nice cobblestone edging, or maybe a beautiful retaining wall planter.





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