September 8, 2018 stoneadmin

In our online search for our own hardscape patio design inspiration, we stumbled across this great article featuring 56 fantastic hardscape and backyard design concepts. We found it shareworthy! Below, we shared some of our FAVES.

56 Back Yard Design Ideas

This outdoor kitchen is a thing worthy of magazines. A centerfold spread, even. It is the perfect setup as far as outdoor kitchens go. This cozy scene has got it all – a beautiful patio set, an impressive outdoor cooking setup complete with a barbecue pit and some adorable potted plants spread about. This would be the ideal setup for an outdoor gathering or birthday party. With so much space around the patio, there’s plenty of room for kids and/or dogs to play.

#8 Stone Fireplace

This gorgeous outdoor patio area not only looks impressive as a standalone, but that massive stone fireplace really sets the tone for comfort. Imagine a cold, blustery night in front of that giant fireplace taking in the warmth and sipping hot chocolate? This looks like something you’d find at a fancy ski lodge or a hotel up in the mountains somewhere. Definitely look into incorporating a stone fireplace into your brick patio idea.

#17 Outdoor Table

This is a great setup if you like to entertain outdoors. The covered patio area has a permanent table and chair setup that is not only adorable, but highly functional. The brick table will withstand the elements and looks great matching the scenery. What appears to be a massive light fixture hangs above the table, giving it a modern look with added usefulness. This would be a great setup for an outdoor lunch or barbecue with friends.