Your Backyard BBQ Spot

Gather with friends and family in this expansive backyard patio design that blends into the backyard landscape for easy access to the yard.

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The challenges of building a raised patio are first constructing the walls that will raise the patio above ground and also hold in enough compacted base material to support the patio.

The entire patio must be set at a very slight pitch, allowing water to run off the patio and not build up inside the walls. It is very tedious setting each stone to its appropriate position, but when finished properly, the outcome will speak for itself.


This is a Raised Patio, made using Misty Granite Slabs. Every block and slab was laid with precision and within 1/8 of an inch in order to keep it level.

Laser Levels were used to set each block. The inside was filled with crushed stone and compacted every 4 inches, to achieve maximum compaction to avoid the patio from sinking.